End of Semester Wrap Up

As some of you may know, this blog was made for a class I’m taking at Texas State. For now this will be my last post, since I’m not sure if blogging is really for me. Between work and school it became hard to keep up with posting or even finding the motivation to post. Anyways, here are some questions to reflect on my experience with this blog.

It was raining the day I took pictures, so just ignore my wet T-shirt.

Blog Reflection Questions

  • What would you want to improve or include within your site?
    • I think improving the format and design of my blog would make it more professional. If I did this again, I would probably choose a different topic too.
  • How could you have better promoted your content?
    • I created a whole new Twitter account for this class, which made it difficult to promote my blog online. I did share it on my work and personal Twitter accounts, as well as word of mouth to friends/coworkers. I’m assuming thats where some of my views came from. If I kept active on the accounts and paid money to promote my blog posts, then I could have gotten more traction.
  • What was your best experience of the semester-long project?
    • I’ve wanted to create a Youtube channel for a while, but after this experience I’ve found out it’s a lot of work to keep up with. So best experience is finding out this probably isn’t for me, but being able to say I’ve done it.
  • In what ways could the experience benefit you in the future?
    • This would most likely benefit me for a future job position going into digital media.
  • Discuss how you might implement these tools professionally in the future, in a job or an entrepreneurial endeavor.
    • I could see using a website creator for a business or possibly even my own if we open our own RV park.

Analytical Evaluation

  • Which was your most popular week, and how many views and visitors did you get that week?
    • Between 2/17/20 – 2/23/20, I had 33 views and 10 visitors.
  • Which was your most popular post of the semester? How many views did it get? Why do you think it was the most popular?
    • My Welcome post was the most popular, with 13 views. I stopped actively promoting my blog after the first couple posts, so this one was the most viewed.
  • In all of the Site Stats data, was anything surprising to you?
    • I’m really surprised that I had more than a couple views, but now that I think about it, more than half are probably from me….
  • Twitter, Facebook or other social media stats to share?
    • When I tweeted about my second post, “Advantages & Disadvantages”, I had 470 organic impressions. This was my top impression post, however; my first post, “About Me” had the most engagement with an evaluation of 24.

This is goodbye for now. Thank you to all the people that checked in on my posts and if you still haven’t followed my student Twitter account then please do so. I hope y’all all stay safe out there while still enjoying life. -XO Sammie

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