Life is more important than the things we accumulate.”

Dave Bruno

Our Story

Howdy, my name is Sammie! I am so excited that you’ll be joining me on this new journey of full-time camper living. Over the last couple of years, I have moved numerous times – new apartments or new cities. Moving is extremely exhausting, especially if you accumulate a lot of things – clothes that don’t fit you anymore, mementos, gifts that you may not have really wanted, or your school work from 5 years ago.

My most recent move was from Houston to San Marcos, Texas. My boyfriend and I lived in a four bedroom house that was costing us $1,200 in rent plus other fees. When I found out I was accepted as a transfer student to Texas State University, we immediately started looking for a place to live. Our biggest concern was the cost of living; we wanted to keep rent below $800, and we were not having much luck. We finally found a solution; we could live in our camper!

Making the decision to live in our 30 foot camper sounded easy, until we realized how much stuff we had to get rid of, and how little space we would have. I chose to write about this experience, because it has made me more aware of all the “noise” that’s in life. Living in a camper full-time may not be for you, but I hope that you’re able to find insight on the importance of “Living With Less”.

Make sure to follow my twitter account to stay up to date with new postings! I can’t wait to share with you our camper renovations and what full-time camping is all about.

About Me:

I am 21 years old and the youngest of my two sisters. I’m originally from San Antonio and currently live in San Marcos, Texas with my boyfriend, Hunter. I work part-time as a Customer Service Representative for The Home Depot and full-time as a Digital Media Innovations student at Texas State University. Hunter currently works remote as a process improvement specialist. We hope to own a campsite one day, so we can create a great experience for other campers and spend more time doing what matters to us – spending time with family and traveling.

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