Huzzah! Ye First Trip!

Our first trip in the camper was this past October to the Texas Renaissance Festival in Todd Mission, Texas. Hunter and I were still living in the house in Houston, so we didn’t have our camper jamb packed with everything yet. We met up with friends on two different weekends and had a blast. Everyone else had already experienced the magic of Ren Fest except for me, this was my first time attending.

Our campsite for the weekend

What Is The Texas Renaissance Festival?

The Texas Renaissance Festival, also known as Ren Fest or TFR, is a festival held in Todd Mission, Texas every year between October and December. It is the nations largest Renaissance festival where people from all around go to dress up in Renaissance era garb (clothing). They have shops, entertainment, amazing food, and camping. You don’t have to dress up to join the festivities, but some people go all out.

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We camp on the festival property Thursday night to Sunday morning and attend the festival for 2 whole days. Thursday night is just to get settled in and meet up with friends. In the morning we have breakfast and by noon we are off to the fare! We spend all day walking the grounds. Typically the first thing we do is buy a Scotch Egg and mead. Mead is basically honey wine and it’s what they used to drink back in the day.

They have entertainment like fire throwing shows, archery shows, concerts, throwing tomatoes at a person who taunts you, a maze to walk through, knife throwing, and so much more. At the end of every night they have a big show in a Colosseum type stage where they shoot off fireworks. Then the party continues on the camp grounds. We walk through different camps or have a fire at our own camp to end the night. Then we do it all over again the next day.

Trip Photos

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