Advantages & Disadvantages

Moving from our four bedroom house to a 30 foot camper was not easy. No matter where you live it’s beneficial to make the most out of your space. The two biggest issues we initially faced are the following:

Downsizing: This was one of the first issues we came across. We had furniture that we no longer needed, along with plenty of other things that had just accumulated into closets and drawers (just taking up space). It became overwhelming trying to figure out what to get rid of. There were also items we were connected to and didn’t know what to do with. We sorted things into for four piles – sell, donate, keep and to give away.

(Pro Tip: sometimes having a photo of a memento is better than holding on to the actual item. You can still cherish whatever it is without it taking up valuable space.)

Organization: If you’ve ever been in a camper, there are design flaws to the layout. You get a bunch of places for storage that are hard to get to when you need something. When it comes down to loading up the camper, it helps to think about where everything will go before you put things away.

If you’re looking for help with downsizing, Home & Garden Television (HGTV) offers some great tips!

Above is a slideshow of what our camper looked like before we moved in.

Pros & Cons:

There are plenty of reasons why living in a camper is great! Here’s my pro’s and con’s list after two months of getting the hang of things.


  • Spend less on rent (approx. $400/month)
  • Minimal packing if you want to just up and move
  • Travel in the comfort of your home for less
  • Forces you to be more conscious of what you buy
  • Electric and water are slightly less expensive
  • You still have privacy and a small yard for gatherings


  • Less space with a terrible layout
  • Cheap and ugly brown fixtures (counters, cabinets, couch, table, etc)
  • Poor lighting (Campers require special LED light bulbs)
  • Dealing with your own sewage disposal and maintenance
  • Humidity

Of course a lot of these “cons” can be fixed to help make living in a small space more bearable. In future posts, I will be sharing renovations and hacks that I’ve learned.

Until next time, Sammie ♥