DIY: Custom Drawer Organizer

Hey everyone! I hope you’re staying safe through this pandemic. I know it’s easy to run out of things to keep busy while at home, so today I’m going to share how to make a custom drawer organizer. I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a shot. Beats buying those cheap plastic ones or organizers that just don’t fit your drawers. I would also like to point out that Home Depot is offering curbside pick up, so you can get these items easily with little exposure to others.

Materials Needed:

  • poplar boards
  • sand paper
  • wood glue
  • pencil
  • measuring tape
  • angle
  • clamps
  • circular saw
  • safety glasses
  • paint (optional)

Step 1:

Take out all of your utensils. Think about how many slots you’ll need, lay them out in sections, and measure as shown below.

Step 2:

Now you can purchase your materials. Depending on the size of your drawer you can choose different sizes of poplar board. The 1/4x3x4’s worked best for me since camper drawers are small. I measured and then cut them to the right size. For help with measuring and cutting click here.

Step 3:

Next, it’s very important that you use the sandpaper to sand all sides and any imperfections. Unfortunately, I didn’t have clamps to hold my straight edge and board, so my cut edge was not very straight. This meant I had to sand the ends to be as straight as I could get them (I highly recommend using clamps when cutting). Tips for sanding can be found here.

Step 4:

Now that you’ve cut and sanded your boards, set them up in your drawer to make sure they fit. Using a pencil mark along each of the creases that will be glued together as shown in the photo below.

Step 5:

Take two of your boards and glue them together. Tip: I used a Q-tip to get glue in the crevice and smooth/remove excess glue. Use clamps to keep them held together and follow drying instructions for the wood glue you used. Follow this step until all pieces are secured together. You can either enjoy your new organizer or move to the optional step.

Step 6 (optional) :

I felt that using spray paint was the easiest paint method for this project, but you can do the old fashioned brush method if you’d like. I chose white to match the interior of the drawer, so it all looks coherent. Allow paint to dry and voila! You now have a sweet custom drawer organizer.


Making The Most Of Your Space

Today I would like to share with you my top items that will bring value to your home from space saving to organization. You don’t need 18 different mixing bowls or a bigger space – just items with more purpose! All of these items can be found on Amazon with links provided to save you time; however, Amazon is not the only place to get these items.

1. Higher Hangers

You’re probably wondering what in the world is higher hangers – exactly what it sounds like. These hangers are great for closets with limited vertical hanging space. RV closets will barely fit a women’s T-shirt without the bottom of your shirt resting on the bottom of the cabinet. This product is also great if you have a two-tier closet to keep your clothes from overlapping your shoe rack or touching the floor. For some this may not be an issue, but it is nice to have.

2. Plate Cradles

Amazon: Plate Holders by 7U

I have yet to buy these, but they are definitely on my list! Plate Cradles will not only give you more space in your cabinet, but also keep your plates in one place while moving your camper.

3. Magnetic Knife Holder

Who says that kitchen items can’t be art? These magnetic knife holders work great for keeping your knives handy, as well as adding a little flare to your kitchen wall. You could even use this for your tools like shown above.

4. Over the Door Cabinet Caddy

Amazon, Over Cabinet Door Organizer by Simple Houseware

This cabinet caddy is great for cutting boards or small pans. You’ll no longer have to deal with them falling over or pulling them from the bottom of a pile in the cabinet. I’m sure you could also use this for rolls of foil, plastic baggies or whatever else your heart desires.

5. Collapsible Strainer

Amazon, Collapsible Strainer by QiHM

You can now donate that big metal clunky bowl with holes in it, because you can get this collapsible strainer to take it’s place. It folds flat for easy storing and has extendable handles to fit over most sinks.

6. Storage Bins

These cloth storage cubes are really great for organizing clothing items if you’re short on closet space. Personally, I use them for plain T-shirts and undergarments. Rubber and plastic bins work amazing for keeping cleaning supplies, beauty supplies, or bathroom items organized and in one place. You can find these in all different sizes – perfect for any space.

7. Roll Up Dish Mat

Having a roll up dish drying mat is a great alternative to traditional drying racks that take up quite a bit of space – either in the cabinet or on your counter. This particular mat is easy to store once finished with, and it can even be used for washing fruits and veggies.