Easy Murphy Desk DIY

My boyfriend works remote, and ever since we moved into the camper his “office” has been the kitchen table. This was quite annoying over time since his work supplies were taking up the space where we eat. We decided to remove the couch that we rarely used so we could put in a desk for him. Below you can see the space we had to work with and how to build a Murphy desk.

This is where the couch used to be and where we will be putting our new desk.


  • A wood top: We bought a remnant piece of wood from Devo’s Custom Woodworking shop, that we found on Facebook Marketplace listing – here.
  • Legs: We used two 30″ black iron pipes, two 90 degree black iron fittings, and four black iron flanges to create an industrial look.
  • Wood screws
  • Two hinges
  • A drill / drill bits
  • Spray paint (optional)


  1. Find a Top: You can use just about anything as a top. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. We located a custom wood working business who sells remnant pieces and when we got there we fell in love with this piece. It is a mix of a hard and soft wood and was responsibly sourced from Costa Rica. We chose this piece specifically, because it matched the dimensions we needed. This will also be easy to match when we go back to get a piece for the bar area that we plan on building.

2. Attaching Hinges: Since the camper doesn’t have regular studs like a house would, we had to add extra support by using a furring strip board. Screw the hinges into the cut piece of board and attach them to the wall. If you have two studs to drill into then you can skip this step and just screw the hinges into the wall.

Hinges attached to the furring strip board

3. Adding Legs: For the first leg, take one of the 30″ pipes and screw a flange on each end. Next, use the drill and screws to attach the flange to the corner of the desk. Do the same thing for the second leg. (Optional: spray paint the legs for a sleeker look and maybe take off the tags lol)

4. Mounting the Top: Flip over your desk top with the legs attached. Line up the hinges with the edged of the desk. Don’t forget to make sure its level. Once in the right position, screw the hinges into place.

Now that you’re desk is all done, simply unscrew the pipe from the flange attached to the desk and now it is able to fold down. Fold it away to maximize space or keep it up to maximize productivity.


Making The Most Of Your Space

Today I would like to share with you my top items that will bring value to your home from space saving to organization. You don’t need 18 different mixing bowls or a bigger space – just items with more purpose! All of these items can be found on Amazon with links provided to save you time; however, Amazon is not the only place to get these items.

1. Higher Hangers

You’re probably wondering what in the world is higher hangers – exactly what it sounds like. These hangers are great for closets with limited vertical hanging space. RV closets will barely fit a women’s T-shirt without the bottom of your shirt resting on the bottom of the cabinet. This product is also great if you have a two-tier closet to keep your clothes from overlapping your shoe rack or touching the floor. For some this may not be an issue, but it is nice to have.

2. Plate Cradles

Amazon: Plate Holders by 7U

I have yet to buy these, but they are definitely on my list! Plate Cradles will not only give you more space in your cabinet, but also keep your plates in one place while moving your camper.

3. Magnetic Knife Holder

Who says that kitchen items can’t be art? These magnetic knife holders work great for keeping your knives handy, as well as adding a little flare to your kitchen wall. You could even use this for your tools like shown above.

4. Over the Door Cabinet Caddy

Amazon, Over Cabinet Door Organizer by Simple Houseware

This cabinet caddy is great for cutting boards or small pans. You’ll no longer have to deal with them falling over or pulling them from the bottom of a pile in the cabinet. I’m sure you could also use this for rolls of foil, plastic baggies or whatever else your heart desires.

5. Collapsible Strainer

Amazon, Collapsible Strainer by QiHM

You can now donate that big metal clunky bowl with holes in it, because you can get this collapsible strainer to take it’s place. It folds flat for easy storing and has extendable handles to fit over most sinks.

6. Storage Bins

These cloth storage cubes are really great for organizing clothing items if you’re short on closet space. Personally, I use them for plain T-shirts and undergarments. Rubber and plastic bins work amazing for keeping cleaning supplies, beauty supplies, or bathroom items organized and in one place. You can find these in all different sizes – perfect for any space.

7. Roll Up Dish Mat

Having a roll up dish drying mat is a great alternative to traditional drying racks that take up quite a bit of space – either in the cabinet or on your counter. This particular mat is easy to store once finished with, and it can even be used for washing fruits and veggies.